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  • susan says:

    Dear Dr Science:
    Does Love really make the world go around?

  • Trent says:

    Is there a difference between the Get Smart! CD and the Ask Dr. Science cassette I checked out from my local library in 1996?

  • Rodney says:

    Absolutely! Every answer provided on the earlier cassette has been double-checked for accuracy and about half of the questions and answers were replaced with updated, more “hip” Dr. Science whizdumb. Also, all of the old Q&A’s were digitized so as to fit securely on a CD. You may recall the controversy that erupted when we reworked the answers on the 1971 8-Track compilation for the cassette version.

  • Philip says:

    Dear Dr. Science, In this depressed economy is there any counseling available for negative numbers to become more positive? I’m sure it would help Wall Street, Main Street, and every truly patriotic American. Can you help?

  • Pete says:

    i was sitting in front of a mirror when my dog joined me and she was looking at herself and then my reflection and than back to hers. Was she thinking i don’t look like him,
    i wonder she might think she’s human because she lives with me or does she know she’s differant anyway?

  • Jim Wiles says:

    Is it true that North of the Equator, water draining in your tub or sink, water in your toilet when you flush, Tornados and Water Spouts all rotate Counter Clockwise while South of the Equator it does the opposite and rotates Clockwise?

  • PJ Connor says:

    I read in the Onion that trees are really trying to strangle each other. If they are, why are there so many trees still alive?

  • David says:

    Is everything really backwards in the southern hemisphere? I have been there and noticed left handed people are a minority and clock go clockwise. Is there a conspiracy to confuse us about southern reality?

  • cathy says:

    Why are muffins sticky?

  • Chuck says:

    When my cat goes outside, he likes to hunt and kill birds and chipmunks. Should I be worried? Is he honing his skills for the day he tries to hunt and kill me?

  • Nancy says:

    Was Mr. Tesla really a smart guy and does Edison owe him big time?
    Do you think a Tesla car would cover it? So my question is part science,
    part psychology and part economics. Thank you!

  • Johnny Test says:

    Hi, is there any scientific explanation for the explosion of the dusts, etc, in the universe (The Big Bang Theory)? Because if so, then this could mean that there are supernatural beings such as a god or gods, right?

  • adrian says:

    what is science?

  • Boone Johnson says:

    With all the space between atoms, why can’t I walk through walls?

  • Jon says:

    What percentage of shooting stars are made up of astronaut poop?

  • Daniel says:

    How many dimensions are there, and which is your favorite?

  • Sean says:

    What would happen if you cleaned your self-cleaning oven?

  • David says:

    When adding insult to injury, how does one determine the correct proportions?

  • Buck Eye Di says:

    Dr Science, In the movies, why does the beautiful girl always fall when being chased by a monster? Buck Eye Di

  • Sammy says:

    I’ve noticed that when Popeye finishes a can of spinach he simply tosses it into the air instead of recycling. I’ve never heard the can fall anywhere so I wonder if there is some special law of nature which vaporizes empty spinach cans. Thanks.

  • RICH says:

    If onions are sooooo popular, why do we cry?

  • Rob says:

    As a kid child, I remember loving your televison program. Now as a boy/man, I would give anything to watch it again. Dr. Science, can you help me?

    Rob *

  • Kyle DeWees says:

    Dear Dr Science,
    I’m not certain if you remember me but my name is Kyle DeWees. I’m from Muncie Indiana and when I was 11 I underwrote your show on our local station. In the last 18 years I have obviously gotten older and actually become a stand up comedian. I attribute much of my weird sense of humor to your show. Thank you very much.

  • Matthew Holmes says:

    Dr. Science,

    When British people sing their accent disappears and they sound just like us. Why is that? Is that why they so successfully infiltrated the United States during the British Invasion of the 1960s?

    Matthew Holmes
    Cleveland, OH

  • esther g says:

    Are you real or not?

  • Don Strandberg says:

    My skin is slippery when it’s wet, but clothes stick to it. Why is that?

  • Terry Moore says:

    The Sound of Music says that the hills are alive. Does that mean that they move around sometimes?

  • Mark Tighe-Crea says:

    I recently found out that the universe is composed of a large amount of dark matter.
    Being an avid gardener, I’m wondering if I could use it as compost or mulch.

  • John Parker says:

    Dear Dr. Science, If Dogs are so smart, Why does mine eat her poop?

  • David Winyard says:

    Dear Dr. Science:

    I know about physics and biology, but what is this social science?

  • G H Gregg says:

    Dear Dr Science,

    Since female physicists presumably understand gravity, do they still complain when men leave the toilet seat up?

  • Eric Anderson says:

    In my town we have many one-way avenues that I frequently jaywalk across. My question is: is it truly necessary to “look both ways” when crossing in this manner? Despite feeling foolish about it, I inevitably do so anyway. I’m pretty sure that the laws of physics preclude wrong-way driving, but there’s never a physicist around when you need one. Please help.

  • Craig Dolecki says:

    Why do English speaking people say “eyesight?” Is that redundant? We don’t say “earhearing” or “nosesmelling”?

  • Neil Boyer says:

    Dear Dr. Science: Why does my garden hose get kinky?

  • Nicholas Lengyel says:

    Dear Dr. Science,
    As you know more than I do, do “Smarty Pants” exist?

  • John M says:

    Dear Doctor Science:

    The coffee machine at my work has a yellow label with “Caution Hot Liquid” in black letters. What types of hazards do hot liquids typically face, and what form should my warning take?

  • Jessica rice says:

    How come my boyfriend yawns so much? He says he ‘earns them’ by working hard.

  • Dr. Robert Stewart says:

    I don’t have a dog. Do you think that means I don’t have a best friend?

  • Kevin says:

    As one of the eight people who watched (and loved) the Dr. Science TV show for the short time it aired, I was wondering if it will ever be made available in any format for purchase? Or viewing at all?

  • Dr. Science says:

    Oh, wouldn’t that be great. If you’d like to talk to the powers-that-be at Fox Entertainment Conglomerate, perhaps you can convince them that the show needs to be seen by more people than the archivist in their videotape storage facility.

  • Ed Schnurr says:

    In the automotive field, they say “bearings wear in” , yet as they get used they will also say ” bearings wear out” ……..?

    My question is; who are they, and have they lost their bearings?

  • John h. says:

    Do people full of hot air really float?

  • robert wood says:

    Why is it that gas passed in the bath tub smells so much worse than gas passed in the air? Is it because my slacks act as a filter, or because under-water farts have to be stronger to survive in the submarine environment?

    Thank you in advance,


  • robert wood says:

    Why is it that gas passed in the bath tub smells so much worse than gas passed in the air? Is it because my slacks act as a filter, or because under-water farts have to be stronger to survive in the submarine environment?

    Thank you in advance,


  • jerry says:

    just for argument sake.. I know time slows down the faster you go. If a sun beam left the sun at (lets say) 12:00 noon. It would take 8 minutes and 29 secs to get to earth, If i were born on the exact sec this sun beam left the sun, how old would i be when it touched me on earth?

  • johndittybag says:

    dear Dr. Science,

    what is the light at the end of the tunnel, and who is responsible for turning it on and off?

  • Jon Wagner says:

    If it is possible to travel into the future by moving faster, is there a speed that I can move slower than to travel into the past?

  • Ted says:

    Dear Dr. Science,
    I am a master’s student (in science) and I’ve come to understand that science is not body of knowledge, but more an amorphous, sentient being. My question to you is, what makes science tick?

  • Jim says:

    Dr. Science:

    Does my car actually run better after cleaning it or is it just my imagination?

  • Jon Wagner says:

    Dear Dr. Science,

    Was 2013 the end of Ask Dr. Science?

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