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  • Hans Victoria Yeeros says:

    I am 18. I am also (i think) quite dissilusioned about the way the world HAS worked previously, and when i say that i mean 20th century paradigms of thought. I am also confused. I am 18.


    How do i grow up to not be an arsehole?

  • victoria says:

    How can a change in the dna (in a singe base pair) cause complications?

  • Gretel Shuvzwichinstov says:

    Dear Dr. Science,

    Is it legal for me to stake an emotional vampire? Are there more effective ways of killing one?

  • Mark de Saint-Rat says:

    Hows come the Bengals haven’t won the Super Bowl?

  • What in the hell are you doing to promote sustainability of biodiversity on Earth. Get real! It is currently the UN decade of biodiversity. I can make jokes about spiders, snakes, frogs, turtles, etc. BUT you must do it now!!


  • How can Cornflour be a solid and a liquid??

  • John says:

    Dear Doctor Science, do you know everything? If so, why haven’t you answered my question already? If not, how can you be sure that you don’t secretly know everything?

  • Patrick says:

    FYI about the tuba, the instrument you see people carrying around thier body such as in a marching band is not a tuba, it is a Suzaphone, invented by John Phillip Suza, The Tuba is a different instrument that does not wrap around you

  • jennifer says:

    what is the connection of heat change in temperature or states of matter?

  • selmy figueroa says:

    i have a question on the constellation pisces. is pisces part both of astrology and astronomy or just one of them? if one of them can you please say which and explain why???

  • Brandon G. says:

    Hi, I’m a high school student in Montana and we read your questions everyday in class. It just so happens one of my classmates happens to be a godly superhero named John Harrington. He is a saint among the science world and deserves worldwide recognition for his outstanding intelligence, diligence, and good looks. So if you could please shock my science teacher and respond to this question, the mighty John Harrington just might smile upon you…MAN.

  • Natynoo says:

    I really need to know which is denser, paint thinner or rubbing alcohol?

  • Joe M. says:

    Latin animal names all end with “ine” e.g. bovine, feline, canine. So what is the devine?

  • Jason Stotter says:

    When I stop the microwave before its timer has reached 0, where do the remaining seconds go to? Can we ever get them back?

  • Shelly Beaven says:

    Why do turtles live so long?

  • Michael Weible says:

    Dear Dr Science,

    If the universe is infinite but finite at the same time, how is it we never lap ourselves in time and become our own neighbors?

  • Robert says:

    Is the answer really blowing in the wind? I’ve stood out in the wind and my hair gets all messed up. What the heck is that all about?

  • Gordon Fox says:

    When does the shit hit the fan?

  • m says:

    Someone just wrote me to say a colleague of his in medical school is currently writing a paper about how wolverines exude some chemical that causes uncontrollable farting in humans. He did not specify if the wolverines must be live. This sounds improbable to me but I figured you’d know and probably have some wolverines handy. Or at least badgers. Have you done clinical research on this topic?

  • erin s says:

    Most maps printed before 1960 were printed in British Empire Pink and French Union Green, Why?

  • Curious in Kennesaw says:

    Why do cat’s purr?

  • George says:

    What is honey made of?

  • Dr. Bruce E. Fleury says:

    Why is the ocean so deep, if it’s full of sponges?

  • Ms. Evie says:

    why would an angle broom stand straight up by itself if it has nothing to do with the gravity or magnetic field.

  • Joe says:

    Dear Dr. Science;
    If I were to put various vegetables into a particle accelerator, would we be successful in filling in the missing elements in the periodic table of vitamins? (For example, we have B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Where is B4, B8, B10 and B11?) Could we also create “corniflower” and perhaps even find the elusive “anti-calorie?” Why isn’t the government thowing billions of dollars at this? The Europeans are clearly ahead, as my sources have told me that the Italians have already developed “anti-pasto.”

    Please enlighten us all!

  • Scott Kelley says:

    Is there a podcast for Ask Dr. Science? One of my favorite shows. it aired at 1:30 pm for many years on my local public radio station (KSUT). Even though broadcasts stopped several years ago, I still look wistfully at my radio every weekday at 1:30. So sad. Please come back. At least send occasional missives into the broadcast/podcast worlds… I am not complete without updates from Dr. Science. He’s smarter than I am.

  • Joe M. says:

    Where is the State of Egomania?

  • Maury Clahms says:

    In Science is the following statement valid when refuting a theory?

    “The only thing right about your theory is how wrong it is”.

  • MercuryCrest says:

    Dear Dr. Science, Why is it that on the opposite side of the world, up is still “up,” when clearly it is “down?”

  • Ed Schnurr says:

    I’m a mechanic. There is something in my field that has always puzzled me.
    They say that bearings need to “wear in”, yet they are also said to “wear out”.
    So, which is it?

  • Jeff Johnson says:

    Dear Dr. Science. How come I can’t get your podcasts on iTunes, and how come the iTunes button on the home page goes to other science podcasts? Have you sold out, retired, or died?

  • Suzanne says:

    Do you have a recipe for homemade deordorant?

  • Ian Kirste says:

    Why is everything bigger in Texas?

  • teisha says:

    are the lakers going to win the playoffs?

  • Allan Padgham says:

    What happens Dr Science wise after the rapture?

  • Allan Padgham says:

    What happens Dr science wise after the rapture? You have I trust a plan you can share.

  • Drew says:

    Dear Dr. Science-
    When I go to your website it says I can buy mugs and T-shirts and other official Dr. Science merchandise by clicking on a link. But when I click the link, I just get a lame shopping site full of random artsy stuff that doesn’t seem science-y at all! Is your official merchandise just too scientifically sophisticated for my small brain to comprehend, or is the universe playing a cruel joke on me?

  • Rick says:

    Sure enough, Drew. Our catalog company, the wonderful Shoply, changed their addressing system and didn’t tell us(!). The link has been fixed, so now when you want to check out the Dr. Science S(Mart), you go to

  • John M says:

    I drive a hybrid car to lower my impact on the environment. It runs on both gasoline and electricity. Should I use recycled electrons to run my car, or should I use fresh “virgin” electrons?

  • Gary McD says:

    Why is there no such thing as a stupid question?

  • Dale says:

    Were does the white go when snow melts?

  • David Roberts says:

    What happens to my Facebook page when I die?…

  • DotRot says:

    We once had a 5-year old in Sunday School ask us, “When the snow melts, where does the white go?” My husband told him that it goes down into the ground and comes up in the spring as white flowers. Was this a correct answer?

  • Mephistopheles O'Brien says:

    Dear Dr. Science,

    At your old site you offered recorded messages for your answering machine or special occasion. As my mother’s 29th birthday (base 36.5) is approaching and she also has a masters degree, I thought a birthday greeting from you, Dr. Science, would be the highlight of her year. Alas, this item is not available in your current merchandise of arrogance page. Is this an oversight?

  • Rodney says:

    I’m happy to report that we do continue to offer Dr. Science personalized greetings. They’re not listed as an item in the current catalog not so much because of an oversight but rather due to the difficulty of selling them through the catalog company we use, Shoply. Dr. Science would be happy to record a greeting for you or any other Dr. Science fan. Simply write to and we’ll work out the details. Thanks for inquiring and clarifying this!
    ——– Rodney

  • Rob says:

    Knowing theres no such thing as a asking a stupid question, Is asking why there is no such thing as a stupid question a stupid question?

  • Jeff Johnson says:

    Why don’t you have podcasts of those great shows you used to do on National Public Radio? Can I find them, or can you provide them, or are you afraid of technology?

    Jeff Johnson
    Austin, Tx

  • Paul S. says:

    For the love of Science, particularly biology, why is it that, after hitting 40 years of age, my ear hair, nose hair, and eyebrows keep growing?
    Theories: Did ancient man convey his rank by the wildness of his eyebrows? Did Australopithicines catch tasty morsels with their nosehair? Did homo habilii weave their ear hair into sturdy cords for climbing mountains?

  • Ed Pegg says:

    Why is “Doctor Science sermons” an anagram of “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross” ?

  • Eric says:

    If I am standing in a room with mirrors on all walls, floor and ceiling, and I turn on a light, would light reflect off all mirrors at once, rapidly amplifying into giant, exploding ball of light?

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