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  • Rodney says:

    Not by a long shot. Look for the return of Dr. Science very soon, stronger than ever.

  • Hoyt says:

    I purchased you first cassette when it became available, so it’s been … a while. How much longer can you keep flooding the world with knowledge? Is there no end to what a seemingly immortal man with a Master’s Degree can accomplish?

  • Aaron Howard says:

    Do you still sell personalized faux master of science degrees?

  • Rick says:

    Yes, we do sell official Dr. Science Masters Degrees. We’ll get them into the online catalog shortly.

    ——— Rodney

  • David says:

    With two fellow professors from the International School of Studies, we have an email thread which has over 100 messages. Statistically, how long must the thread be before we write something funny?

  • Rick says:

    If you’re studying emerging economies,you’ll have to wait ’till the cows come home. If you’re in Argentina, you’ll have to wait for another economic collapse.

  • Rick says:

    I have many enemies. Until they still my voice, I will not step away from the microphone!

  • Rick says:

    Yes. It’s been over for months now, but most of us are so deluded we don’t notice.

  • Rick says:

    your car has an emotional attachment to you, and feels loved and cared for after a good bath.

  • Rick says:

    more importantly, what makes Science itch? Fleas, bed bugs, but not ticks. Ticks give Science lime disease.

  • Rick says:

    Your boorish behavior has caused the bathtub to become quite squeamish, and an embarrassed tub amplifies the horror inherent in those gas-filled bubbles. Try buying a plastic tub, or better yet, shower outdoors. A good laxative wouldn’t hurt, either.

  • Bobbie Gilmore says:

    Glacier National Park’s glaciers are predicted to be gone by 2020. Can you please explain where they are all going? How can we Montanans lure them back so the park’s name does’t have to be changed?

  • Connie Brewster says:

    Why do all smoke detector batteries die and cause that annoying beeping at 2am and not during daylight?

  • Dr. Herschel Knapp says:

    Dear Dr. Science: I know that triangles have 180′ and circles have 360′. Why is it that circles are twice as hot as triangles?

  • Brody says:

    Dr. Herschel circles are “twice as hot as triangles” because circles are pointless.

  • Jon Wagner says:

    Why do they put the fork prints in peanut butter cookies?

  • Lee P. Bailey says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you for signing your books. I look forward to reading your unauthorized autobiography.

    I forgot to ask if you had a release date.

  • Mephistopheles O'Brien says:

    Dear Dr. Science,

    Why are sprinkles sometimes called Jimmies, and why would someone eat them no matter what they’re called?

  • Griff Ruby says:

    Dear Dr. Science, I have often heard the expression “son of a gun.” What can you tell me about the reproductive cycle of guns?

  • George says:

    It seems like whenever I’m cycling down a narrow, mostly deserted country road two vehicles approaching from opposite directions will invariably pass each other at the exact point where I’m riding, often forcing me into the ditch. What law is a work here?

  • If mirrors reflect light, why can’t I shine a light bulb in a mirrored box and create a perpetual light source?

  • Mark Tighe-Crea says:

    When our Robot overlords take control what will be on their list of things to fix with human society? I was thinking maybe you could start to compile such a list to give them some ideas…..?
    If they like you’re suggestions they might place you in high esteem.

  • Mark Tighe-Crea says:

    Dear Dr. Science,
    Shouldn’t a Window be called a Windno?

  • How high is up?

  • Mark Gerlach says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if you still offer the audio version for radio broadcast. We would be interested in airing Dr. Science on our LPFM.

  • Philip says:

    Are you still airing your program on NPR stations?

  • Aaron says:

    I am eagerly anticipating the new Shoply store – will you still be offering the classic Dr. Science Primer on audio CD? I would very much like to purchase a copy!

  • TD says:

    Gee, Dr. Science, that ‘’ seems to be dysfunctional! I want a Dr. Science mug or two, maybe a special shirt or diploma, but can’t order it!

    What do I do?

    confused, because I have a Bachelor’s degree

  • Rodd says:

    Why is American television programing so bad?

  • Creighton Wesley Sloan says:

    I would like to get dvd’s if possible including Duck’s Breath and Dr. Science. I would especially like Hamlet.

    MA and MFA University of Iowa.

    PS: do y’all still tour?

  • Doug Wulf says:

    My copies of the episodes of the Dr. Science TV Show, the Dr. Science’s Official National Science Test, and Dr. Science Fiction Theater are preserved on the delightfully retro VHS cassette format, but I am given to understand that perhaps new formats have come along recently such as DVD and, if I remember correctly, Bluejay. There are also screaming video downloads, which could be unpleasant. Not that I’m complaining, since I can scarcely imagine how VHS might be improved upon, but I do fear that one day my threadbare tapes will disintegrate. Is there any hope that in my lifetime these shows might become commercially available?

  • Bonnie says:

    I lost my cassette of Dr. Science. Can I purchase another one? The shoply link is broken! Please help!

  • Dr. Science says:

    look on eBay. I don’t think we have any merchandise anymore

  • Dr. Science says:

    we just did a reunion show in Berkeley. there will be a DVD of it made available

  • Dr. Science says:


    surely that stuff is floating around somewhere.

  • Dr. Science says:

    I think you’ll just have to go to eBay. The guy who was going to make the shopify store happen is no longer with us.

  • Dr. Science says:

    you certainly have my approval to do so. maybe you could find a CD of multiple episodes on eBay.

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